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AHA Cleansing Gel



A Rinse off foaming cleanser that thoroughly purifies, revives and brightens the skin to offer a silky skin with a glowing complexion. With AHA Cleansing gel, cleansing becomes the essential beginning of every beauty routine.
150 ml



Skin benefits

Explore the synergist actions Teoxane Cosmeceuticals formulations have on the skin, meaning visible and effective skin benefits

  • Cleansed & purififed skin : the skin is perfectly cleansed, pore sizes are reduced and complexion is fresh
  • Protected & hydrated skin : the skin is hydrated and protected thanks to our RHA ®
  • Glowing : skin has a better radiance
  • Uniform complexion: imperfections are less visible
Key ingredients
    Glycolic Acid and Fruit Acids, that belong to Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) : refine the uppermost layers for a fresher, softer, and cleaner skin**
    RHA Resilient Hyaluronic Acid® – Cross-linked hyaluronic acid that maintains and protects skin hydration lastingly***
    Brightening complex – A mix of 5 carefully selected lightening ingredients that is designed to block the formation of dark spots**
What is it?

A multi-benefit cleanser which deeply cleanses and purifies the skin. Its exclusive formula combines intelligent ingredients: glycolic acid, fruit acids, RHA Resilient Hyaluronic acid® and a brightening complex to remove long-wear make up, impurities and dead skin cells, hydrate the skin and provide a fresh and radiant complexion.


How do you use it?

Apply once a day in the morning or evening to a moistened face and neck. Lather and rinse thoroughly with warm water.
AHA Cleansing gel is suitable for all skin types, except sensitive skin.